About us

TinyLoc aims to develop quality products that quickly and efficiently track animals in different fields.

We base our quality concept on four basic pillars: miniaturisation, reliability, range and simplicity of use.

In addition, the incorporation of telemetric components gives consumers valuable information about their animals: movement sensors, temperature, sound, incline...

The practical applications of our products are numerous. To highlight just a few that have been successfully developed and marketed: falconry, hunting with dogs, wildlife conservation, cattle control...



TinyLoc is a high-tech company in the field of radio tracking and telemetry for animals.

Our goal: to miniaturise our products optimising their electronics, weight and size.

Our R+D personnel are recruited from among outstanding professionals in a variety of fields allowing the company to stay one step ahead in the development of products for radio animal tracking.

Our laboratories are also equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology available to optimise the outcome of our ambitious projects.

We are permanently in contact with the end users of our products to quickly turn their requirements into realities.

We have a portfolio of granted and pending patents related to our location and telemetry systems, mechanical and antenna technologies.



We use optimum materials to achieve the best performance from of our equipment without sacrificing the high levels of durability required for their use.

The entire manufacturing process undergoes continuous quality controls that allow us to be sure that all TinyLoc products meet all our clients very high expectations.

Finally we would like to highlight our specific compliance with the regulatory requirements of all the countries we supply.

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