Very high participation in the Falconry Championship of Catalonia

The number of participants, which year after year grows exponentially (from 23 birds in 2012 to 57 birds in 2017), slowed the development of the championship despite the fact that this year two fields of flight had already been planned.
The Catalonia Falconry Championship continues growing. This year, 57 birds have been registered to participate in Alguaire (Lleida, Catalonia); 15 hawks in the Sky Trial; 12 Harris and 20 Goshawks in low-flying and 10 inscriptions in the Small Birds event.
The organization of the championship was in Alguaire on Saturday afternoon already, marking the grounds, signaling the path for the participants and checking the necessary documentation. The goal was to get everything ready to start early on Sunday and to make sure that the championship could develop with agility. The championship started punctually with the category of the Sky Trial, which requires a lot of space and time, and the activity could not be divided into two fields until the two categories of low-flight were launched.
The wind has not been a great help, at many times during the championship, but in general it can be said that the time has respected the competition. Unfortunately, because of some unforeseen events, it was not possible to carry out the Small Birds event but it will take place very soon.
Ivan Espejo, won the Sky Trial with "White", followed by two usual podium owners, Salvador Núñez with "Chocolate" and Rafa Pérez with "Kaiser". In Harris category, Cristian Cano repeated for the second consecutive year the title of champion of Catalonia with "Llança", followed by Toni Portas with "Musara" and Francisco Garrido with Xixi.
At the Goshawk category, Daniel Cruz with "Avalon" got the first position, Jordi Gil with "Tous" the second and Daniel Illa with "Gamo" the third. Nevertheless, there is a positive reading that is the large number of participants, especially young people, who want to participate in the championship and it is necessary to find a way to manage the high volume of participation and encourage it to continue to grow without problems.
This is why the Falconry Delegate Dani Jiménez and the Catalan Hunting Federation are already looking for a date for a meeting, as soon as possible, where to assess the difficulties that have occurred and be able to mark the protocol for next year, hoping for as much or more participation than this year.
Ivan Espejo, Cristian Cano and Daniel Cruz are invited to the Spanish Falconry Championship to be held in Osuna (Seville) from 7 to 10 December and we will be attentive to the development of the Small Birds event and its results to inform you. We do not want to miss the opportunity to thank the Territorial Representation of Lleida, the City Hall of Alguaire, the Society of Hunterns Sant Fausto de Alguaire, Antonio Guitérrez for his work as speaker, the four judges (Alex, Jose, Dani and Nazario), the falconry companies and in general everyone who supported throughout the championship.
And also at Granja Faisà d'Or to contribute with the partridges, Chiruca for collaborating to dress our classified for the Championship of Spain, and Tinyloc and Ayama to offer each one, another year, a transmitter waiting for 'to be drawn among the four champions, when the championship of the Little Birds has been realized.
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