Tinyloc presentation in the Aragonese Hunting Federation

On the occasion of the fair CAZATARIA 2014 in Sabiñánigo (Huesca, Spain) and with the cooperation of ARAGONESE HUNTING FEDERATION, based in Huesca, Tinyloc held on September 5 a talk about the Radio Tracking and the Tinyloc equipments at its facilities. This presentation was attended by more than 20 hunters and was a very interesting forum during which they could solve doubts about the use of our equipment.

In this presentation, it was explained in a clear and simple way the use of Radio Tracking System as an additional and backup search system when the GPS signal is not found. This technology combination makes equipments from Tinyloc unique in the world. Its benefits, search techniques, SCAN mode, etc., were some of the issues explained in the speech. The TinyMob and TinyTab apps for Android devices and the 1.1 update (2014) of Dog Stat software as a tool for analyzing the performance of the dogs after the hunting day were also presented.

According to the opinion of those attending the talk, this was very interesting and provided insights into differentiated Tinyloc philosophy with the combination of search dogs with Radio Tracking and GPS.

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